Animus Vox

“I live to serve Trutina”


HP: 5 pts
Movement: 6
5 GP

Traits: Human Resolve
Weapon Master
Quick Shot

Human Resolve: You gain Advantage on all
Saving Rolls.

Dungeoneer: We go left. I can tell by some of the moss and from seeing a lot of dungeons in my time. You gain
Advantage when attempting to find your way through a dungeon or cave system.

Quick Shot: You are able to reload a ranged weapon and fire it in one Action. Now watch this drive.

Weapon Master: You become a master with one specific
weapon from the weapon-type you are Proficient with.
You gain Advantage for attacks with that weapon.

Gear: Adventurer kit
Thieves tools
Weapon: Long Bow


Why am i there? Simply following the will of Trutina as a pious man, as a man who was ill at heart and found Trutina putting me on the road to Redemption. Was a “looter” in a prev life.

Animus Vox

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