Narsk Dragonbane

Goblin Thief


HP: 4/4 (5/5 with Leather Armor)
Weapon Specialization: Light Melee
Weapon Mastery: Dagger

Traits: Nimble Fingers, Sneaky, Acrobat, Opportunist, Goblin Agility


Narsk is an opportunistic thief and seeks to fatten his pockets through the Adventurer’s Guild. He is a cunning goblin with a bit of a love for fire and anything that is shiny and bolted down.

He wears a hooded cloak and has a customized leather tactical harness to which he has multiple weapons attached to with quick-release straps. His weapons of choice are several kunai – versatile blades which mirror his utilitarian approach to thievery. One of the kunai he carries has a ten foot long chain attached to it. He also carries several glass bottles filled with a highly combustible liquid, useful for creating quick distractions, and a pouch of caltrops.

Narsk Dragonbane

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