The Barony of Hartsdale

Nestled within the Barrier Mountains, the Barony of Hartsdale forms the borderland between the Eldritch Blight and the Free Kingdoms. The valley which would become known as Hartsdale was first settled about 1500 years ago as the Followers of Trutina looked for ways to escape the Solornian Empire.

The land forms an almost perfect circle with a radius of approximately one hundred miles. In the center of the vale is the Baronial seat, the city of Hartsdale itself.

To the north of Hartsdale is the city of Redemption which serves as the headquarters for the Trailblazer Association. Redemption sits five miles south of Fort Defiance. This keep serves as the first line of Hartsdale’s defense from anything using the land bridge between Hartsdale and the Eldritch Blight.

To the south of Hartsdale lies the city of Rebirth. This is also the first city a traveller to Hartsdale would encounter when entering the valley through a path in the Barrier Peaks known as the “Phoenix Gate”. The Phoenix Gate was given this name because the mountains form an image reminiscent of a Phoenix emerging from flames. Rebirth is the major land trade city for the region.

To the west of Hartsdale lies the city of Rapture. Rapture’s biggest role in Hartsdale is to serve as the primary location of the Baronial graineries. Much of the farming is done in and near Rapture.

Finally on the east edge of the Barony is the city of Resurrection. This city houses one of the Baronies largest Temples of Trutina as well as being the Baronial sea port.


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