Solornian Empire

The Solornian Empire

For almost 5,000 years the Solornian Empire stood as the pinnacle of civilization. The emperors gave fair and wise rulership. The empire made tremendous strides in art, science, technology, and magical advancements. Those who were in power advocated for equality of all.

Approximately two milenia ago everything changed. Those in power became enthralled with their power. The Goblins lost their status as citizens and became enslaved to the Solornians. The humans and fey fell to a second rate citizen status and the dwarven mines began to be seized by the empire.

People began to flee from Solornian rule. Over time wars for independence began to erupt. The Free Kingdoms were established. Finally, about 500 years ago in the last War of Independence, a cataclysmic event occurred. No one is certain what caused the event but the war ended with the extinction of the Solornian Empire and over the course of a hundred years the Eldritch Blight overtook the lands formerly held by the empire.

Solornian Empire

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