The Divines

Temple of Trutina

“Balance in all things and all things in Moderation. Excess is the enemy. "

In the beginning was Chaos. Over the millennia the Chaos gave birth to a Consciousness. This consciousness took the name of Trutina and being saddened at the lack of order she witnessed, she proceeded to bend the Chaos into form. She began by clothing herself in robes of white so that he work could begin. Thus did she create the heavens above, and the world below.

When this was done, Trutina then birthed four children to maintain a balance over the world. Her first child was her daughter Liro. Draped in robes of green Liro was given dominion over the season of spring and the element of earth.

Trutina’s second child was her daughter Ustrina. Draped in robes of red, she was given charge of the season of summer and the element of fire.

The third child was Trutina’s son Caelum who was given dominion over the autumn and the air along with his robes of yellow.

Finally to complete the circle Trutina birthed her son Ros. As Trutina robed Ros in blue she gave to him dominion of the element of water and the season of winter.

Trutina, the all mother, then advised her divine children that she would maintain balance over all.

As Trutina’s divine children began their rule the four agreed they would need assistance in tending to their domains. As such Liro created the Fey, Ustrina created Humankind, to Caelum were the Goblins created, and finally Ros formed the Dwarves.

The holy symbol used by the Followers of Trutina is a circle, intersected by a white cross to represent Trutina’s balance. The upper left quadrant is green to represent Liro. The upper right is red for Ustrina. The lower right is yellow for Caelum and finally the lower left is blue for Ros. The temples to Trutina are often laid out in this same pattern with a statue of Trutina in the center and a statue of the other four divines overlooking their respective quadrants.

Trutina’s faith is often at the center of most people’s lives. The priesthood is often called upon to assist in matters of health, diplomacy, justice, banking, courier services and final rights in addition to offering spiritual guidence.

The Divines

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