It’s early in the season of Liro in Hartsdale. The time for planting has begun at the Wilson’s farm. Trutina was kind to the Wilson’s during Ros’ season and there are still goods for sale at the market in Redemption.

At breakfast the patriarch of the family, James, addresses the other Wilson’s and announces that the time has come for them to take some wares to the market for sale on the morrow. He also announces that this year he will entrust his eldest son, William, to perform this task on his own.

The family is very excited about this news. They spend the rest of the day getting the wagon loaded and ready. By the time the wagon is loaded it’s time for lunch. William says his farewells, wanting to get under way as quickly as possible. The family says it’s farewells and begins heading back to the house. The youngest bounding ahead. That’s when everything changes.

Erupting from the home, framed by smoke from the cook fire which is beginning to spread from the kitchen are large rat like creatures. They run from the home starting on four legs and then stretching into two, they begin to brandish various weapons and they launch themselves at the Wilson family. The Vermen begin to savagely slaughter any humans that they see.

Hearing the commotion, William turns his head to see the horror he is swiftly leaving behind. In terror he urges his horse on harder knowing that the best help he can be now is to seek help from the Trailblazer Association.


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