Arthas Stoneforge

Dwarf Warrior


Racial Trait: Dark Vision (30ft visibility in total darkness)

Family Trade: Smithy

HP: 11

Move: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Melee Weapons (-1 Initiative)

Weapon Mastery: Halberd

Weapon: Double Bladed Halberd (Reach: 1)

Armor: Exceptional Plate Armor (+1 HP)

Belief: Strength above all else.


Diehard (Revive with 1 HP when reduced to 0 Once per day)

Tough (+1 HP)

Strong (advantage when using brute force to accomplish something)

Resolute (Advantage on all save tests)


Arthas is a simple warrior who came to Hartsdale in search of challenge and adventure. He is a protector by nature and will do what he can to stand between his friends and a deadly swipe of sharpened steel. His stocky, muscular frame has served this purpose well. Although he has amazing strength, he is not the brightest candle on the shelf. Oblivious to most of the world around him, Arthas tends to focus on the task immediately facing him with little forethought. He is dependable, strong, and not afraid to stain his mighty halberd with the blood of anyone who should challenge his virtues or his friends.

Arthas Stoneforge

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