Durgen Stonefist

dwarven brawler



Racial Trait: Dark Vision (30ft visibility in total darkness)

Family Trade: Animal husbandry

Move: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Light

Weapon Mastery: Cetus

Weapon: Cetus

Armor: None

Belief: “One fight. One more step on the path to becoming a true warrior!”


Diehard (Revive with 1 HP when reduced to 0 Once per day)


Spell Touched



Born and raised to fight, his clan has trained and passed down their kyokaken fighting style for as long as anyone can remember. Upon reaching adulthood and mastering the core of kyokaken clansmen are sent out on their jiyu. During this time each member travels, tests his skills and if he finds inspiration attempts to create or enhance kyokaken. Some clansmen complete their jiyu and simply return to the clan. These men and women become the trainers of the next generation often receiving additional training in a certain hendo(style). If inspiration is found a clansmen will not return home until he can no longer fight, passing on all they have learned.

Durgen found inspiration even before starting his jiyu. During a training session he was violently slammed into a mud puddle. To everyone’s amusement he emerged caked with mud. In a rage he lashed out with everything he had and subconsciously tapped into his clans spell touched abilities. The mud hardened around his chest, arms and fists adding protection and weight to his punches. Most clansmen use their abilities to increase the range of the fighting style by concentrating their focus(chi) until a physical manifestation is created that they hurl at their foes or increase their combat abilities by enhancing their speed or strength. Unfortunately the limitations of the body prevent any huge results. As Durgen look down at his hands and saw the awed look of his clansmen he knew his life’s goal. He would train to integrate the elements into kyokaken.

Durgen is always looking for a fight and a chance to improve/test his skills. Silent and humble he believes actions speak louder than words. He has a strong commitment to his comrades and would do anything for someone he considers a friend. His major vice is his anger, which he can usually keep in check, but sometimes gets the better of him.

Unless completely necessary Durgen only wears his pants and weighted training arm guards . Preferring to be able to make skin contact with the elements he utilizes in his fighting.

Durgen Stonefist

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