Trailblazer Association

The Trailblazer Association

Within 100 years of the formation of the Eldritch Blight and the fall of the Solornian Empire people began to explore this new frontier to the northeast of Hartsdale. It didn’t take very long to discover that the Eldritch Blight was a very dangerous place. Over time these explorers began to band together to increase their survival.

As the years passed these adventuring bands grew. Finally about 200 years ago the largest decided that the best course of action would be to pull all of their resources together to create a guild of sorts. This guild established itself in the city of Redemption and called itself The Trailblazer Association. The guild then built it’s headquarters on the hill in the center of Redemption, naming the guild hall Overlook.

The Trailblazer Association is comprised of all races and many of its members also bear a Glyph of Punishment.

The current guild master is the dwarf, Sir Theodore Ursa. As the head of the guild he is the second most powerful person in Hartsdale. Only the Baron of Hartsdale has more authority.

All members of the guild are given badges bearing the seal of the guild (a diamond shaped pendant which is a bronze cross over top of a field of green). These badges are usually isseued after several missions have been completed. They are bonded magically to the person that they are issued to in order to prevent counterfeiting.

Trailblazer Association

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